Marathon Runner

Kay Seong Khoo, also known as Tom Khoo, from Penang, Malaysia, is  our Marathon Runner.

Tom has been an avid runner since he was a teenager.  He has completed 4 World Majors including Marathons in London, Berlin, Chicago and New York.

His dream is to complete all  6 Stars WMM in 12 months to break Penang Forward Book of Records.

We welcome Tom as a return runner to Hopkinton who competed last year with all good wishes for a successful completion of the 2020 Boston Marathon as well as 6 Stars WMM in 12 months.

Many thanks to Nick Jenkins for securing this runner for us.

To support Friends of Hopkinton activities go to our Donate page on our website or mail donation to Friends of Hopkinton, P.O. Box 9, Woodville, MA  01784


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